The Selling Process

There are many steps in the selling process of a successful real estate transaction. You will want to know what the right price is, which means getting a Free Market Analysis done on your home. In addition, you will need to make your home look good inside and out! And above all, use a real estate professional! Sellers have to stay on top of the selling process at all times.

Pricing & Appraisal

When setting a price, the important thing is to be realistic. If the price is too high, you may not find a buyer. Too low, and you cheat yourself out of money.

Market Analysis

This analysis will describe homes in your area that have recently withdrawn from the market and may compare specific features of your home to others.

Net Proceeds

Once you’ve decided on a price range, the REALTOR® helps you calculate an estimated amount you might net from the sale. Ask your REALTOR® what closing costs you will incur.


After you choose a REALTOR®, you will likely sign a listing agreement  where you agree to allow them to sell your home during a given period and pay a fee upon sale.

Listing Specifications

Most REALTORS® will ask for an exclusive right-to-sell listing. This means that you will owe the broker a commission regardless of who finds a buyer during the listing period.

Marketing Your Property

In preparing your home for viewing by prospective buyers, remember that people buy on emotions. Your home has to feel right, or buyers will look elsewhere.

Accepting Seller Offers

When a buyer makes an offer on your home, your REALTOR® will contact you promptly. The written offer lays out all the terms of the proposed transaction and becomes a binding contract if you sign it.

Closing the Final Deal

The sale formally ends at the closing table. In most transactions, the closing lasts less than an hour and often occurs at the title company office. Be sure to bring your driver’s license to the closing.

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